Facial acupuncture is becoming a more popular treatment for those who want to maintain a much younger, healthier looking skin. Many people are turning to acupuncture to reduce the evidence of aging without the need of surgical procedures which ussually leaves many side-effects.

The latest researches show that facial acupuncture can offer a safe and effective treatment to revitalize the face by diminishing wrinkles and eliminating fine lines, decreasing bags under the eyes and puffiness, firm facial muscles, tighten the skin, lift drooping eyelids, and also aid in balancing hormones that can cause acne. Cosmetic acupuncture may also improve collagen production and can increase local blood and lymph circulation.

Cosmetic acupuncture can be both safe and effective in treating not only the surface appearance but also in treating the individual’s underlying condition associated with the aging process, treating overall health and well being.

How Long is the Treatment?

As we said before, in cosmetic acupuncture, it involves the patient in an organic process, in which a series of treatments is necessary to achieve maximal effect. After an initial session, practitioner evaluates the patient’s response, and then can determine the number of follow-up visits that will be required:

* Usually 8 -15 treatments;
* 20 treatments for smokers or people whose skin tends to sag, i.e., who manifest jowls, “turkey wattles,” droopy eyes, etc.


1.Severe high blood pressure (it is OK when the blood pressure is under control and the patient is seeing a medical doctor)
2.Severe migraines (if the patient is having a migraine only once every 3 months or so, they can receive facial acupuncture treatments)
3.Be aware that it takes a patient 3 weeks to recover from laser resurfacing on the face. Do not needle during that time; wait a week after microdermabrasion.

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Treatment includes diagnosis, acupuncture treatment and facial mask.

Duration: 1.30 h. long. Price: 60 € (* 50 €)

* Discount for residents.

Out-calls to your house or hotel: 100€


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